Coffetable Phantom Hurricane

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The Phantom Cube Table is designed to be a unique, exclusive and decorative addition that can be used in any room of the house.

The Phantom Collection is made of natural marble material and is all about fine craftsmanship. Each marble design is formed over thousands of years by nature making it a ‘one of a kind’ design piece where not two pieces are alike. We have searched and searched to find colors and textures that we believe are completely unique - and different from what you normally see. 

It is important to notice that this is a 100% natural product and each table has its own unique perfectly imperfect characteristics - which means that variations is a part of the natural product.

Height 37 cm

Length 90 cm

Width 60 cm 

Weight: Approx. 90 kg

Each table has 4 sides and a top and is open at the bottom. 

Please note that each table is packed in a box in order to protect the table during transportation.  

Please make sure to treat your marble piece according to standard marble maintenance and use.